Selling Your Home

When selling your home, probably your largest financial asset, it's important to keep aiming to secure the property's highest value by maximising its selling potential. To give you a head start, here are our top dos and don'ts:

Selling and moving home can be exciting, essential, desirable or simply necessary. But for everyone the most important aspect of moving successfully is about relying on people you can trust, and people who have the expertise to guide you carefully along the path to a successful move.

Confronted with a wide choice of agents it's easy to think that the only real difference is the colour of their boards.

The reality is somewhat different. The 'advertising' part of what an estate agent does is such a small part of the work that they could be doing for you. We see our role as not just an advertising service but much more as a trusted advisor, guider, negotiator and helper throughout your move.

After nearly 30 years of helping people move home we've learnt a thing or two about how to help our clients achieve some fantastic results and maximizing their chances of selling at the best price - whatever the market is doing.

So when you talk to any of the team at Crane & Co don't be surprised to find us to be a little different to what you may have encountered before.

To find out just how we continue to be the areas most successful estate agency why not call and book your Marketing Review Consultation which comes free of charge and contains a host of useful information about how to generate the maximum amount of interest and increase your selling price.

Best of all....

Before you do anything at all why not contact us for a FREE Marketing Appraisal Consultation and let us guide you right from the beginning on all aspect of property marketing, preparation and how to maximise your selling potential.


  • Your homework - find out the maximum potential value of your property to avoid expensive improvements which might not add much worth.
  • Clean up your act - remember first impressions count, a well-kept garden, pathway and fence will add instant appeal.
  • De-clutter - buyers will be looking at the property and not your possessions, make sure its easy for them to visualise their own belongings by removing your own.

  • DON'T...

  • Forget the details - restored fire places and period features, such as ceiling roses and cornices can add thousands of pounds to your property.
  • Do it 'tomorrow' - finish of all those small DIY tasks you've been meaning to do, touch up chipped woodwork and replace washers on dripping taps.
  • Create a strong odour - avoid strong foods such as curry and seafood before a viewing as the smell will linger.
  • Limit your market - Crane and Co are part of a NATIONWIDE network of over 1,000 of the best independent estate agents.
  • Keep your junk room - buyers find it far easier to visualise rooms set up for a specific purpose, therefore a spare room should be made up as a study or additional bedroom.

FREE Property Valuation

Including marketing advice with NO obligation.

Why Choose Crane & Co?


Find out how we produce and distribute high quality promotional Property Films for all our client's properties. These films help showcase your home in an engaging and eye-catching format which attracts more buyers. It's unique to Crane & Co. Read More >

Your Own Unique
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Selling For
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Open Days
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Surrey & Kent

Crane & Co offer our unique Estate Agent service to clients throughout Sussex, Surrey and Kent. For a selection of the properties we have sold throughout the region, click the link. View Selected Sold Properties >
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